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[MLP FiM x Sonic Mania] Press Garden Zone Act 2 (Cutie Mark Crusaders Remix)

Time for some more Sonic Mania x MLP mashups. Press Garden x Cutie Mark Crusaders.


MLP Season 7 Adventures: An Old Foe’s Research

*Meanwhile, Delta Brony was looking at a picture of Rarity in her punk suit and he sets it down on the table*

[Delta Brony] “You serious Rarity? I thought you were a fashion pony, not some gothic rockstar.”

[Rarity] “Well, some ponies have differences when it comes to style, and appearance.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “So Delta, how things in Canterlot so far?”

[Delta Brony] “It’s pretty good to be honest. Just ate me some zap apple sauce, and they sure look shocking and sour.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Yeah, those zap apples sure have a pinch of bolts in them.”

[Rainbow Dash] “Hey Delta, I’ll race ya.”

[Delta Brony] “You think you’re gonna win so easily Rainbow Dash? I will have to say… IT’S ON!!”

*Delta Brony and Rainbow Dash begin their race while Twilight and the others are watching*

[Pinkie Pie] “Oooooh… that alicorn stallion sure took RD’s challenge seriously.”

*Meanwhile, Princess Dark Matter begins her research in a dark realm, getting information about these strange creatures of Equestria*

[Princess Dark Matter] “According to my research, these creatures are definitely in Equestria. I guess I better gather some biological information about them.*

*Princess Dark Matter is working on gathering data about these breed of figures, and suddenly she has the names.*

[Princess Dark Matter] “Bingo… now that I got their names, it’s time to figure out which one it is. Ah, Interesting… a feline in a jacket. He looks so handsome. Let’s go on to number two. Astounding, it’s a seahorse… no… a Seapony, I can’t describe how kind this one is… wait… there are TWO seaponies.”

*Suddenly… Omega Brony’s voice calls in….*

[Ghost Omega Brony] “Oh, there are more than just seaponies Princess Dark Matter.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Master… you called?”

[Ghost Omega Brony] “Yes. You might be one step closer to discovering the ancient hippogriffs, and their ruler… Queen Novo and her daughter Princess Skystar.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Hippogriffs?”

[Ghost Omega Brony] “Absolutely. Half pony, half bird.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Very obvious that there are hybrids in Equestria, like the Chimera for example.”

[Ghost Omega Brony] “Exactly. Seems that you are doing a little research on these figures of Equestria.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Exactly. Now, about those hippogriffs, I think they may have magical abilities if I am sure.”

[Ghost Omega Brony] “But the questi on is Princess Dark Matter… do you know where they are?”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Hmmm… that may be a bit of a problem Omega.”

[Ghost Omega Brony] “Don’t worry… you’ll find their place soon enough.”

*The ghost disappears and Princess Dark Matter continues her research*

[Princess Dark Matter] “Hmhmhmhm… hippogriffs. Now that is something I need to discover… wait a sec… who’s… that pony… her horn is…. broken. Whoever she is… I will find her. In fact… I have a master plan that Twilight and the ponies will never foil this time. Hahahahahahahahaha!!”

To Be Continued….

[MLP FiM x Mario Kart] GBA Bowser’s Castle (Twilight Sparkle Remix)

Another MLP x Mario Kart mashup that I made.



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[MLP FiM] The Sphinx Boss Battle Theme

I made boss theme where Somnambula battles the sphinx and solve riddles.


Hanzo has a Sparta Koto Remix

[MLP FiM x Sonic Mania] Studiopolis Act 2 (Pony Prime Time Remix)

Time for a ponified remix of one of my favorite Sonic Mania songs.



Thorny (Gaia Everfree)

MLP Season 7 Adventures: A New Member of The Trix

*While Starlight and Trixie are at the changeling empire, Twilight and spike tidying up the castle after Princess Ember ate parts of her castle*

[Spike] “Man, Princess Ember was a picky eater is she?”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Yeah, she sure loves eating gems like you.”


[Twilight Sparkle] “Huh? That sounds like Delta Brony. We better check on him right away.”

*Twilight and Spike rushes to the throne room and sees Delta Brony*

[Twilight Sparkle] “What’s going on?”

[Delta Brony] “My senses indicate that one of the changelings accepted Thorax’s ways, and it’s his brother.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “You mean, one of them was a bad changeling.”

[Delta Brony] “Yes!! I truly tell that Starlight was there. But not only her , but Trixie too.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Really? Trixie is at the changeling hive?”

[Delta Brony] “Indeed. Seems that this whole friendship thing with Thorax and the changelings is getting pretty good.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “It’s all thanks to Starlight Glimmer. If it weren’t for her, Chrysalis would have take over Equestria.”

[Delta Brony] “I’m glad that she was able to visit the hive to see Thorax and her changelings once again.”

*Meanwhile, at the Everfree Forest, the Trix were wandering and talking about their plan to stop the ponies.*

[Darcy] “Icy, those ponies are smarter than we think they are.”

[Icy] “I know. There’s gotta be another way to beat them at our own game.”

[Stormy] “In speaking of that Icy, who is that sitting very lonely at the open area?”

*The see a human figure alone in the forest, and that is Gaia Everfree, weakened and injured from the last fight.*

[Gaia Everfree] “My dream on forging everfree is ruined. Now what would I do since I got no magic?”

*The Trix walk close to Gaia as they began to talk to her.*

[Icy] “You there?”

[Gaia Everfree] “Huh? Ah!! You scared me for a moment there.”

[Icy] “Sorry about that. We came here to see if you need some help and stuff.*

[Darcy] “So… what do you call yourself?”

[Gaia Everfree] “I am Gaia Everfree, the forest spirit. I have the power to summon my thorns of course.”

[Icy] “Interesting!! Well, allow me to introduce myself, I am Icy, and this is Darcy, and Stormy. We are the Trix, and we are here to steal magic from the ponies that faced us.”

[Gaia Everfree] “I think I met one before, and that pony calls herself Twilight Spar kle.”

[Stormy] “That’s the pony with wings and a horn.”

[Gaia Everfree] “She was almost consumed and became apart of Everfree, but the human one that looks like her defeated me, with the help of her dark counterpart of course. And I do wanted to get revenge!!”

[Icy] “Revenge eh? Well, why don’t you join us. You’ll make a nice member of the Trix based on your abilities.”

[Gaia Everfree] “Hahahahahahaha!! That will be perfect!!”

[Stormy] “But first… we’ll have to give you a trix uniform.”

[Darcy] “Also, you’ll have to help us defeat the ponies first before we can get to your other thing.”

[Gaia Everfree] “Okay. But my strength needs to be replenished first.”

[Icy] “That’s the plan.”

*The three form a circle as they used a powerful spell to give Gaia a new s uit, and improved abilities.*

[Gaia Everfree] “Ah!! This suit is perfect. I guess I got some help from the three of you.”

[Icy] “I can assure you that you will not go by the name.. Gaia Everfree. From this day forth… you will be known as… Thorny.”

[Gaia Everfree] “I kinda like my recent name better. But enough talk, it’s time to find the ponies and steal their magic… ONCE AND FOR ALL!!”

To Be Continued…

MLP Season 7 Adventures: Equestria’s Solar Eclipse

*After the ceremony in Ponyville, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna appears in front of Twilight and Starlight Glimmer*

[Princess Celestia] “Twilight Sparkle.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Princess Celestia, what’s going on?”

[Princess Celestia] “It has been come to my attention that the solar eclipse will occur in Equestria in a few hours.”

[Princess Luna] “We’ve been predicting this for many years.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Don’t worry, I have some very special glasses for every pony in Equestria.”

[Princess Celestia] “Good thinking Twilight.”

*Twilight flys up and uses her magic voice to make an announcement*

[Twilight Sparkle] “Every pony, and Ember and Thorax. May I have your attention please. The solar eclipse is happening today, so I got some special protective glasses so you won’t be blinded by sun’s ultraviolet light.”

*Twilight tosses the eclipse glasses to everyone.*

[Lyra] “Isn’t Luna supposed to turn into Nightmare Moon during the solar eclipse?”

[Bon Bon] “I hope that doesn’t happen.”

[Rainbow Dash] “Wow. A solar eclipse, this is going to be so awesome!!”

[Pinkie Pie] “I am so excited that Celestia mentioned it.”

[Rarity] “In speaking of that… LOOK!!”

*The moon begins to cover the sun, and the sky begins to go dark.*

[Twilight Sparkle] “Ok everypony… Glasses On!!*

*The ponies put on their eclipse glasses on as they look at the sun, except for Pinkie.*

[Fluttershy] “Um…. Pinkie, don’t you think you should put on your glasses?”

[Pinkie Pie] “Oh it’s ok… my eyes are perfectly fine.”

*During the eclipse, Twivine Sparkle looks at the sun as the moon appears.*

[Twivine Sparkle] “Huh? I never expected something like this. This could be my first time seeing a solar eclipse.*

*The Trix looks at the eclipse as well*

[Icy] “Could this be?”

[Stormy] “We might get new magic if the eclipse happens.”

*Then in the distant field far away, Tempest Shadow and Storm King’s army ready up, but they see that the sky turns dark and they look at the sun that is getting blocked by the moon.”

[Tempest Shadow] “Unpredictable….”

*Then Princess Dark Matter looks at the dark sky and says…*

[Princess Dark Matter] “What’s going on? I feel… replenished…”

*The total eclipse begins and everypony looks with their glasses*

[Rarity] “Wow… it’s beautiful darling.”

[Applejack]&n bsp;“Heh, better not look too long Rarity.”

[Starlight Glimmer] “Never thought this would happen Twilight. It’s amazing.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Too bad that once it ends, we would have to wait another two decades.”

*Then back to Princess Dark Matter, she feels tingled as the eclipse affects her body.*

[Princess Dark Matter] “Why am I so… (gasp)”

*Princess Dark Matter’s bruises begin to heal, and her hair style begins to reconfigure again.*

{Princess Dark Matter] “Astounding… I’m… getting my strength back. Wait a second… it’s not the eclipse that is doing this to me, Or is it some sort of dark phenomenon?”

(Ghost of Omega Brony) “It’s the darkness that is replenishing your strength.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Huh? Master!!”

(Ghost of Omega Brony) “Yes my he rald. You see… when darkness rises, such as nightfall for example. You gain back your immense power. Not only that, the power of the cutie marks let you live after that suffering defeat by Twilight Sparkle and her friends.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Incredible!! But the last part you said, I will seek vengeance on her.”

(Ghost of Omega Brony) “Indeed you will. Oh, you were looking at this familiar poster just an hour ago.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Yes, there was the ponies, Twilight’s dragon, and some new creatures that may exist in Equestria.”

(Ghost of Omega Brony) “Hmm… it seems that you’re gonna have to do some research of those creatures. After all, you have my intellect.”

[Princess Dark Matter] “Hahaha!! Will do.”

To Be Continued….

[MLP FiM x Megaman X] Flawless (MegaPony Remix)

Now it’s time for some ponies and Megaman, as I give you a remix of Flawless.


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